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Stories create real connections

...even in business

Stories make you relatable

...and bring CONTEXT to your content.

Lee Mayfield, Flipdeck Founder

Stories build emotional connections

...and why less is more with stories.

Lee Mayfield, Flipdeck Founder

Tell your story with Flipdeck

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To add Flipdeck Stories to your account, start by logging into your Flipdeck account and navigating to the top right corner of your dashboard. Click on your name, select billing portal, and from there you can select a Flipdeck plan that includes stories.

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About Flipdeck Stories

  • czo0NjoiNWE0NmRkNzctMjExOC00ZTRkLTgzZmMtZDFlZWU1ZTJiODlkMTY3ODkxNjM3MyI7.pngFlipdeck Stories use simple and visual story panels that can contain text, images, links, and videos.
  • Your Story gets its own URL that you can send to a client, add to an email or website, or post on social media.
  • A Summary index is automatically generated which lets you jump around to different topics.
  • Analytics gives you insights about engagement with your Stories.

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