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The customer is in control. Real connections happen when your customers are given the experience they want, when Sales is equipped to complement that experience, and when Marketing has the insights to do more of what's working.

Digital Stories

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Presentek can help you reimagine how you introduce offerings and cultivate customer relationships with modern, succinct, and layered digital stories.

Interactive Tools

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Presentek can work with you to design, build, and maintain the immersive, interactive, self-serve online tools your customers need during the buying process.

Application Development

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Presentek's development expertise can help with everything from strategizing to concept prototyping to your pitch with management and stakeholders.

Website Services

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Whether you need to build your website from the ground up or support your existing web presence, Presentek can handle every step — from concept to design to launch to ongoing analytics.

Digital Sales Playbooks

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Presentek can help you create a more effective sales playbook — one that's truly digital, interactive, and "always on."

Sales Content Delivery

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Time spent searching for content means less time nurturing relationships. Our solution can help your reps, dealers, and channel partners keep the sales process personal and moving forward.

Sales Enablement

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Our content organization solution makes it easy to provide user-friendly education and coaching to your reps — in the same place they go to for the latest sales materials.


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Flipdeck is our SaaS solution that lets you organize links to your content visually on Flipdeck cards. Then it's easy to find and deliver any kind of content to those who need it.

Launch Your Product

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Presentek can help you stand out with a digital launch kit that’s easy to navigate, includes built-in analytics, and encourages your audience to buy in.

Measure Marketing ROI

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It's critical to know which content is being used and where engagement is coming from. Presentek can give you the data and analytics insights to take out the guesswork.

Lee Mayfield - Digital Business Card

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Lee A. Mayfield
President, Presentek, Inc.
Founder of Flipdeck
16185 Los Gatos Blvd., Ste 205, Los Gatos, CA 95032
TEL: (408) 354-6280