INTRODUCING... your new product

This is an example of a digital launch kit made with Flipdeck. All your launch content can be accessible in one place, so it’s easy for your team to get the latest information.

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Introducing the ES7JX

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Include a short description on your exciting new product.

Positioning & Strategy

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Help your sellers and channel partners understand where the new product fits and the best strategy for acquiring customers.

Product Details

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Link all the basic information, collateral and specs from one Flipdeck card.

Customers / Buyers

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Provide guidance on likely customers, their needs and the different buyers involved in the decision to purchase.


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Make sure everyone understands who they compete with and the competitive advantages of your product.

Sales Resources

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Inform your sales team about the tools available and how to use them.

Ordering Info

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You can ensure the transaction side of your process runs smoothly with the right information for the new product or service.

Marketing Resources

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Don’t make your team search for marketing materials. Organize your related launch info so it’s easy.

Learning Resources

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Make it easy for those new to the topic to improve their technical, business and industry expertise.